I am sure the motivation to enroll at the Graham School differs from one student to the next. For me, my hope was that I would be exposed to new and challenging thought during my time there. It isn’t just that my hope was realized—it is how the experience seems to have changed the way I think, listen, read, and write.

Mark Heaney

Mark Heaney

Chief Executive Officer, DTRT Health Acquisition Corp
Home Health Care, Chicago

Mark Heaney is Chief Executive Officer of DTRT Health Acquisition Corp and is Chairman of its Board of Directors.

Mark has enjoyed a forty plus year career in the delivery of home health services to the nation’s at-risk elderly, non-elderly disabled and infants and children with significant health needs. Prior to co-founding DTRT Health, a publicly traded Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation, Mark spent 31 years at Addus HomeCare, also publicly held, the last nine years as its CEO and Board Chair. A regular presenter at industry conferences, Mark served for six years on the Board of Directors of the National Association for HomeCare (NAHC), as well as having served on a number of national and state trade and advisory boards attempting to help bring about and shape a “home first” health policy. Mark has served on the Boards of several private equity backed health services and tech companies.

Mark has served on the Advisory Board for the Archdiocese of Chicago and today serves on the Board of Directors for TradeWinds Services addressing the needs of persons with disadvantages in Northwest Indiana.

Mark earned a BA in Speech Communications from Loyola University Chicago.

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