Each deep conversation with my professors, each vivid discussion with my classmates, and each page of the books I read, help me to better articulate my worldview, understand what may have been holding me back previously, and paint a vivid picture of the future destinations that I want to explore.

Fabiola Delgado

Fabiola Delgado

Assistant VP for Finance and Chief of Staff for National Laboratories, University of Chicago
Higher Education, Chicago

As Assistant Vice President for Finance, Fabiola provides leadership for budgeting, accounting, and internal financial controls improvement for the units under the office of Science, Innovation, National Laboratories, and Global Initiatives. Building collaborative relationships with the finance and leadership teams, she provides guidance and resources to aid the units in the development of their respective strategic initiatives.

In her capacity as Chief of Staff for National Laboratories, she serves as a key advisor to the Executive Vice President for Science, Innovation, National Laboratories, and Global Initiatives as she shapes and drives the National Laboratories’ vision. She supports the design and execution of strategic initiatives and operational plans in support of Argonne and Fermi National Laboratories’ mission, building strong partnerships with the Department of Energy and the National Laboratories leadership teams.

Fabi received her B.S. and CPA from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México with the highest honors and is a candidate for a Master of Liberal Arts with a concentration in Ethics and Leadership at the University of Chicago.

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