The MLA is a unique opportunity to challenge myself to think differently, explore new fields of study, and enrich my life by building robust intellectual relationships with colleagues and professors. The magic of this program is the way in which it teaches you, through rigorous study and debate, to become the most passionate and empowered version of yourself.

Natalie Schreyer

Natalie Schreyer

Freelance Journalist
Journalism, Washington, D.C.

Natalie Schreyer is a journalist whose work focuses on domestic violence survivors and the broken systems that fail them. Her writing has appeared in Mother Jones, Ms. Magazine, USA Today,, The Atlantic, Kaiser Health News, and others. She is executive producer of the award-winning documentary film, And So I Stayed, which The New York Times praised as “a heartfelt window on domestic abuse.” She holds a Master of Arts degree in Journalism from American University and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Southern California.

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