The MLA has provided me with an unparalleled intellectual feast without requiring relocation that might interrupt my professional life. Waking up early in the morning here in Shanghai and immediately diving into the prescient geniuses of Weber or Kant, I am able to discover time-tested insights that help me think more clearly and make better decisions in this time of unpredictability.

Fei Ni

Fei Ni

Chairman & CEO, Pingyuan App-Ark Education
Education Consulting & Edtech, Shanghai

Fei Ni is the Chairman and CEO of Pingyuan App-Ark Education (App-Ark), a Shanghai-based education consulting and Edtech firm that services leading K-12 international schools and global-minded families.

Fei co-founded App-Ark in 2010 while he was a college freshman. Over the years, he has turned App-Ark from a humble dorm startup into one of the most renowned educational boutiques in Shanghai, employing around 100 full-time educators. Fei and his company have helped more than 15 international schools and nearly 2,000 families in areas like enterprise software design, recruitment planning, and college counseling.

Fei is a passionate advocate for educational reform. He has brought Western humanities and classical education to China to cultivate critical thinking and cultural awareness in the next generation of Chinese students. His is one of the only firms in Shanghai that can provide in-person instruction in both classical Greek and Latin.

Born and raised in Shanghai, Fei completed high school and college in the US. He earned his BA in History from Emory University in only five semesters, holding the record of graduating the fastest among Emory’s international undergraduates.

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